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chong wei against ariff-live at tganu stadium next to my unisza kota campus
February 22, 2011, 11:25 pm
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hahahaha….last nite was a blast!!first time ever i gotta chance to see him face to face…bukan facebook..but face-to-face(so,?)
last nite was perlawanan badminton tajaan proton i think..but i dont know the real bet

well,who win??of course its our proudly dato’ lee chong wei(nice hairdo)
yeah,everyone was supporting the malay badminton player,ariff(they say he is zakry’s brother)..well,he does look very young! tot he’s younger than me at first

yeah,i know i shud have sokong a malay who is trying hard to raise attention on him,but i dont know why i kinda understand chong wei(cw) feeling last nite…
what if he lose and the young player win,then all muka depan newspaper will be about him!!!
front page:lee cw lost to a teenage boy!!boo..
but if cw wins everyone would be like,”yeah,of coz he would win…he’s a world champion!”
now, this is what i wanna rant about..when we are superior, a stable position.. no one will ever said things about us,but when we mess up and fall a bit,everyone will said,,why la you so dumbdumb…that thing pun cannot do la!!

just put yourself in that position…
actually,it kinda hit me too!!
always having goods grades bfore,i was not believed by others if i say i’m going down in university..
when i say,”oh,..i think i cant perform la” then would go,”what,you cant do it?c’mon,stop pulling my legs” and what more should i say…finally,i got no one to turn to…adeii

well,…just take in mind that life is like a wheel…sometimes your up,then you go down,but you still have possibilities to climb up,,just work hard!!
just like the success graph of islamic revolution,i think i’m in my zaman kejatuhan la now!!need to do something bout this,how?work hard+tawakkal la,what else could we do?
till then,adiossa


and i goes:pheww…thanks goodness my mother restricted me…
February 7, 2011, 1:44 am
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hearing plus reading bout the news recently concerning how the malaysian are treated in indonesia,..the catastropics yg macam2…bak kata artis indon sendri(xingat sape) :name one of the bencana alam you know,..all had hit indonesia…naseb katrina je yg x datang…
tambah ngan what the stuff happening in mesir(may allah save the innocent muslim)…suddenly i realise how thankful and bersyukur i am(alhamdulillah) that i studied in malaysia,..a peacefull country-well at least still is..rather than going oversea…memg kalau nak dikira belajar abroad kat negara org nampak lagi gempak and watsoever but kalau dah hari2 dalam kesusahan tu,,aii,x sanggup den…

the cerita goes back a year ago(well,its not long ago tho,its just one month after new year)..after the matriculation,i got an offer from mara which “kindly” LENDING me the money(the highlight is that it is not a scholar,,,ye la result spm x seberape)…then after the first round of interview(which i tot i had failed cause i speak broken english-dont know the english word of “mengongkong”-then the interviewer siap advice”you should have improve your image when attending an interview and a few comment you wouldnt wanna know-i’m not gonna talk bout it either-…then go home and tunggu for the result,,,
a letter came after the matriculation result saying i passed the first and would have to go the second round interview which also include the examination…

but then my mom out of sudden said:BIG NO!YOU CANT GO!
wanna know why??because i gatal-ly mention that the course i’m taking will be in indonesia for 2 years then sabung my clinical at ukm(the program is a collaboration of unipad+ukm)…

for many reason i feel like my world had gone upside down..i was really into medicine that time around and then i got the chance to grab it(if and only if i pass the exam+interview)…i cried like crazy(hell would be a better word but then i had to tanggung the dosa) for many days..even hearing the word medicine would drive me crying-feel kinda ashamed when remembering it now.,,*blushing*

but after alot of thought and the advices from my kakak-s..(which almost cause me to yell at them).i turn down the second interview,,,it hurt so much..yeah,once before i heard the story of others who had to turn down overseas offer because of their family and i feel like it is a waste..never croos my mind that im gonna experience it too….

dipendekkan cerite,..alhamdulillah i got offer to do medicine at unisza(struggling everyday at unisza right now)..but to make thing worse..i got a call about 2 weeks after the orientation,from mara saying i was qualified for the offer to do medicine in uni padjajaran,bandung(or it is jakarta..not sure myself,,,delete the memory oleady,..painful,still am)..what a shock! even without going to the second interview and sit for the exam,..i make it!

but finally i turn it down(once again..)…cause in malaysia i got scholarship,,which only cost me 10-year of having to work with the gov(which i dont mind cause i have no interest in working with hospital swasta..maybe not yet)..heart broke

huh,,now who say being the anak bongsu yg dimanjakan(tho i’m not manja pun,x caya tanya kakak)..but the responsibiliyies are the same,,,we have to make our parents worry-less and ready to sacrifice for them(of course,theirs are 1000 fold bigger)….

to actually being in peace and healthy(as in makin temban tho walking to campus take 1km) …im nothing but thankful and greatful…

terima kasih,thank you,syukran,komawo,kamsahamnida,arigato gozaimashta(hontonii),syesye(how to spell thanks in chinese haa??),gracias…
to my ultimate lovely angel…may allah bless you~~`hug and kiss~~xoxoxox

September 4, 2010, 3:13 am
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tak de pape pon nak kongsi hari ni,,,,,
tapi aku tersedar something tadi,,,
well,the story start pagi tadi la
kuliah sampai kol 12 je tadi coz ada blackout,,,,
so,kitorg rancang nak gi jumpa prof swamy,,,nk tanya pasal embyologi sebab banyak sgt die pnyer sequence of event sampai da pening-pening lalat kitorang baca,,,,
malang la badan,prof swamy x de,,,,,
time tu jumpa prof murali,,,tapi sebab niat nk discuss pasal anatomy,,,so,,,x de idea la kalu nak gi jumpa prof murali nak tanya physiology,,,,
so.kitorg turun la,,,nak makan,,puasa,,,
masa tu ramai yg da balik
tetibe teringat kat satu lagi prof anatomy,,,prof nordin,,,once again,,kitorang panjat tangga nak gi office die,,,
skali kerani kata die x de la,,,,adoi..hancuss semangat nak study
so,kitorg pun blah la dari situ,,,
tetibe kawan aku cakap,,,,

“ko tau wa,kenapa budak chinese bleh berjaya???”

“sebab diorang rajin la,,,2 jam mengadap buku,kan?”aku jawap

“memang,tapi satu lagi,kalau diorang nak jumpa cikgu and cikgu tu x de,diorg tunggu depan

September 4, 2010, 3:11 am
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feels like writing in my blog out of sudden,,,
boring + sunyi kot,,
yeap,,,freaking sunyi
smua dak cos laen had gone home,,,,
bersuka ria la 2,,,,
wanna go home too,but cause of study ,,im stuck in ‘ere
but should bare with it,,,,coz i know this is one of the sacrifice we gonna have to make once we are officially grad as a medical student,,,as well as a doctor,,,
yeah,,,bare it azwa,,,,
remember your fav quote,
“doctors are not born,they are made”
then,this is one of the process la kot
nak membuat acuan untuk hasilkan seorang DOKTOR
cam acuan wat kuih raye,,,
terlebih terkurang kang x menjadi lak
x tau laaa,,
recently,i feel like giving up on my study,,,
padahal this is my dream,,*sigh*
maybe coz da jauh dari allah kot
dlu at least de kakak naqibah yg x jemu2 bg nasihat walaupown aku x de la berubah extremely
but memg rindu diowg
allah,,,,please guide me,,no,us,,back to you,,
please ya

satu kerinduan…
August 7, 2010, 12:40 pm
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entah la kenapa,,,sejak 2 menjak ni,aku asyik teringat kat geng2 kat matrik dulu,,,,,,
hahaha,,,semestinye teringat yg amat kat budak2 aras 1 blok a4,,,,
geng yg terbising penah aku jumpa,,,sampai kena cop budak nakal kat ketua aras,,,
sori ye kak(adoi,,,lupe name die),,,
teringat sesangat maybe sebab da dekat puasa,,,
dulu,time puasa memg best,,,
at first memg la rase cam mesti x best coz first time aku nk berpuasa tanpa family for almost the whole ramadhan
rupa2 nye aku salah,,,
kat matrik la aku blaja puasa yg sebetol2 puasa,,,,,
sebab kat matrik belaja survive time sahur n buka without ma n abah,,,,,,
time tu kelas still cam biasa,,,,abes kol 4,,,,,haru betol,,,,takut sgt x sempat nk crik lauk berbuka,,,
tapi alhamdulillah,allah kurniakan teman yg sgt caring,,,,,,,tlg belikan kalo x sempat
masa berbuka plg meriah,,,ape x nye,,,,3 blik berbuka skali,,,memg padat n mampat la blik kitorg,,,,
11 org berbuka skali dlm bilik yg sebenarnya diperuntukkan untuk 4 org je,,,hahaha
masa makan smua bising,,,,cakap pasal benda tu la benda nie la,,,,
pas makan,,,sma2 kemas,,,pas2 yg TERBAEK,,,solat sesame,,,
biasenya aku n ustazah yg kna paksa jdik imam coz kitorg ajk kerohanian blok,,,,
tapi ilmu aku xde la tgi mane,,,,,
pas2 pergi terawih kat surau sesame,,,,,,bwk air skali takut ngantuk
pas blik memg aras haru biru….da bertenaga nk kacau mengacau,,buli membuli,,,
hahaha,,,pas2 time sahur ketuk bilik masing2,,,,,siap bagi ank kunci blik takut x bgn jugak walaupun ketuk pintu,,,,,sahur makan roti+milo je sebab malas nak keluar ke kafe beli nasi,,,yapi boleh je tahan esoknya,,,,

ya allah,,,memang aku sangat menghargai persahabatan itu,,,moga dicucuri rahmat ke atas setiap kami,,,,,n moga persahabatan ni berterusan,,,amin

welcome to my private world!!!!!
August 7, 2010, 9:31 am
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hahaha…..i just made this page 2 days ago,,,nothing much to tell,just wanna say hello to everyone!!!!!
how’s life going on???
mine is just fine,,well,i’m usually free during weekend,,,but on weekdays,,,,owhhhhhhhhhhh
so busy with the packed schedule,,,class from 8-5,,,,hahaha
i’m still studying,,in university,,,

Hello world!
August 6, 2010, 9:05 am
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