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chong wei against ariff-live at tganu stadium next to my unisza kota campus
February 22, 2011, 11:25 pm
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hahahaha….last nite was a blast!!first time ever i gotta chance to see him face to face…bukan facebook..but face-to-face(so,?)
last nite was perlawanan badminton tajaan proton i think..but i dont know the real bet

well,who win??of course its our proudly dato’ lee chong wei(nice hairdo)
yeah,everyone was supporting the malay badminton player,ariff(they say he is zakry’s brother)..well,he does look very young! tot he’s younger than me at first

yeah,i know i shud have sokong a malay who is trying hard to raise attention on him,but i dont know why i kinda understand chong wei(cw) feeling last nite…
what if he lose and the young player win,then all muka depan newspaper will be about him!!!
front page:lee cw lost to a teenage boy!!boo..
but if cw wins everyone would be like,”yeah,of coz he would win…he’s a world champion!”
now, this is what i wanna rant about..when we are superior, a stable position.. no one will ever said things about us,but when we mess up and fall a bit,everyone will said,,why la you so dumbdumb…that thing pun cannot do la!!

just put yourself in that position…
actually,it kinda hit me too!!
always having goods grades bfore,i was not believed by others if i say i’m going down in university..
when i say,”oh,..i think i cant perform la” then would go,”what,you cant do it?c’mon,stop pulling my legs” and what more should i say…finally,i got no one to turn to…adeii

well,…just take in mind that life is like a wheel…sometimes your up,then you go down,but you still have possibilities to climb up,,just work hard!!
just like the success graph of islamic revolution,i think i’m in my zaman kejatuhan la now!!need to do something bout this,how?work hard+tawakkal la,what else could we do?
till then,adiossa