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and i goes:pheww…thanks goodness my mother restricted me…
February 7, 2011, 1:44 am
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hearing plus reading bout the news recently concerning how the malaysian are treated in indonesia,..the catastropics yg macam2…bak kata artis indon sendri(xingat sape) :name one of the bencana alam you know,..all had hit indonesia…naseb katrina je yg x datang…
tambah ngan what the stuff happening in mesir(may allah save the innocent muslim)…suddenly i realise how thankful and bersyukur i am(alhamdulillah) that i studied in malaysia,..a peacefull country-well at least still is..rather than going oversea…memg kalau nak dikira belajar abroad kat negara org nampak lagi gempak and watsoever but kalau dah hari2 dalam kesusahan tu,,aii,x sanggup den…

the cerita goes back a year ago(well,its not long ago tho,its just one month after new year)..after the matriculation,i got an offer from mara which “kindly” LENDING me the money(the highlight is that it is not a scholar,,,ye la result spm x seberape)…then after the first round of interview(which i tot i had failed cause i speak broken english-dont know the english word of “mengongkong”-then the interviewer siap advice”you should have improve your image when attending an interview and a few comment you wouldnt wanna know-i’m not gonna talk bout it either-…then go home and tunggu for the result,,,
a letter came after the matriculation result saying i passed the first and would have to go the second round interview which also include the examination…

but then my mom out of sudden said:BIG NO!YOU CANT GO!
wanna know why??because i gatal-ly mention that the course i’m taking will be in indonesia for 2 years then sabung my clinical at ukm(the program is a collaboration of unipad+ukm)…

for many reason i feel like my world had gone upside down..i was really into medicine that time around and then i got the chance to grab it(if and only if i pass the exam+interview)…i cried like crazy(hell would be a better word but then i had to tanggung the dosa) for many days..even hearing the word medicine would drive me crying-feel kinda ashamed when remembering it now.,,*blushing*

but after alot of thought and the advices from my kakak-s..(which almost cause me to yell at them).i turn down the second interview,,,it hurt so much..yeah,once before i heard the story of others who had to turn down overseas offer because of their family and i feel like it is a waste..never croos my mind that im gonna experience it too….

dipendekkan cerite,..alhamdulillah i got offer to do medicine at unisza(struggling everyday at unisza right now)..but to make thing worse..i got a call about 2 weeks after the orientation,from mara saying i was qualified for the offer to do medicine in uni padjajaran,bandung(or it is jakarta..not sure myself,,,delete the memory oleady,..painful,still am)..what a shock! even without going to the second interview and sit for the exam,..i make it!

but finally i turn it down(once again..)…cause in malaysia i got scholarship,,which only cost me 10-year of having to work with the gov(which i dont mind cause i have no interest in working with hospital swasta..maybe not yet)..heart broke

huh,,now who say being the anak bongsu yg dimanjakan(tho i’m not manja pun,x caya tanya kakak)..but the responsibiliyies are the same,,,we have to make our parents worry-less and ready to sacrifice for them(of course,theirs are 1000 fold bigger)….

to actually being in peace and healthy(as in makin temban tho walking to campus take 1km) …im nothing but thankful and greatful…

terima kasih,thank you,syukran,komawo,kamsahamnida,arigato gozaimashta(hontonii),syesye(how to spell thanks in chinese haa??),gracias…
to my ultimate lovely angel…may allah bless you~~`hug and kiss~~xoxoxox


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hello. may i know what is your pointer during matriculation?

Comment by nabiha nabila

haha…i dont really know,answering is like something…..i am not supposed to do….i think….but let say its okay..but not 4 flat..almost laaa…

Comment by sup3rsalmon

may i ask what’s the question that was asked by the interviewer and what ur best advices 4 me to pass the interview? i’ve got the same offer as yours UNIPAD-UKM n after told us about the interviewer,he/she sounds scary

Comment by keliru

hey keliru…
congratulation…good for you
no,they are not scary….in fact they are superb cool
but, there are several panels…so, i dont really know about others
my friend got different panel, and they even asked my friend to speak in indonesia…well,maybe you should try to learn some basic
in my case,
1. they look into my folders of certificate and results and asked some random questions, ..e.g. i used to be in the junior doctor club aka doktor muda during my elementary school, so they ask a few question on what we do during those days…
2. then they ask me why i wanna be a doctor and what are the advantages that i think i have to be a doctor?
3. and, they told you to write an essay right?
be prepared on that cause they asked me on those matter too….i wanna be a cardiothoracic surgeon in 10 years time. so i put there too and they asked me if i know any heart disease, i say heart attack(myocardial infaction to be specific), so they asked me how that happen…so, make sure you do some case you didnt know,just bluff away..they just wanna hear you speak
4. also, they asked if my family is going to allowed me to study in indonesia coz the course includes a 2-years pre clinical study in unipad and a 3-years clinical study in ukm…

5. and of course everything is in english and make sure you present yourself your best on that day…in the way you talk and the way you dress

Comment by sup3rsalmon

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