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September 4, 2010, 3:11 am
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feels like writing in my blog out of sudden,,,
boring + sunyi kot,,
yeap,,,freaking sunyi
smua dak cos laen had gone home,,,,
bersuka ria la 2,,,,
wanna go home too,but cause of study ,,im stuck in ‘ere
but should bare with it,,,,coz i know this is one of the sacrifice we gonna have to make once we are officially grad as a medical student,,,as well as a doctor,,,
yeah,,,bare it azwa,,,,
remember your fav quote,
“doctors are not born,they are made”
then,this is one of the process la kot
nak membuat acuan untuk hasilkan seorang DOKTOR
cam acuan wat kuih raye,,,
terlebih terkurang kang x menjadi lak
x tau laaa,,
recently,i feel like giving up on my study,,,
padahal this is my dream,,*sigh*
maybe coz da jauh dari allah kot
dlu at least de kakak naqibah yg x jemu2 bg nasihat walaupown aku x de la berubah extremely
but memg rindu diowg
allah,,,,please guide me,,no,us,,back to you,,
please ya


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